What is a Closing Date Sale?

Thinking of selling in Kwinana? Sell for more, and FASTER!

One of the strategies we use to sell real estate in Kwinana at Coulson&Co is the Closing Date Sale.

With this sales process a date is advertised for all Offers to be presented – the Closing Date.

This process may be used with either no price advertised (Offers) or an advertised price.

This presents an advantage to both the buyer and the seller:

It allows the Buyer to decide at what level they see value in the property and to offer at this level, and subject to the conditions they want.

For the Seller there is no pressure to accept or negotiate with offers until the Closing Date which can often result in multiple offers to choose from.

It also gives the Sellers’ 2 to 3 weeks to ‘test’ the market and receive feedback from buyers that view the property as to what the realistic market value of the home is.

What this means is that by the Closing Date, the Sellers’ have realistic expectations as to what the market is prepared to pay and are more likely to accept a good offer making it a quicker and easier process for both the buyer and the seller.

Multiple offers in this process can often mean that the property goes to the Buyer who wants the house most, often resulting in a better price for the Seller.

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What is a Closing Date Sale?