Bring your dog to work day

15th November 2015

Check out the latest edition to the team at Coulson&Co Real Estate.

Michael’s new puppy Spud came to visit the sales and property management team today and made himself right at home finding several great sleeping spots and some fun stuff to chew on.

We have also in the past had the pleasure of baby sitting a large rottweiler who had escaped his owners home in Wellard Village and gone for a wander!

On a real estate note we have often found that the family pet becomes a major consideration for our buyers when making their decision to secure a home.

Is the back yard big enough?

Is there lawn?

Are the fences secure?

Luckily we have an abundance of suitable homes to buy in the Kwinana and Rockingham area with plenty of homes on larger blocks in the established and newer estates.

Do you have a dog friendly home?

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Bring your dog to work day